Create your own personalized address plaque
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Glass Address Plaques

Our Glass Effect acrylic address plaques are a great alternative to real glass. By using acrylic you can be assured that your sign won’t chip crack or shatter (a real bonus if there are children about), Whilst not losing any of the contemporary class achieved with glass.

We use a ¼ inch thick acrylic, which is impregnated with a green tint to give the material that amazing real glass look. We flame polish the edges of each plaque to give them a really classy refined look. To complete the look each plaque comes with pre drilled holes and 2 satin finish aluminum standoff mounts so you can install it straight away with ease.

Your details will be sign written onto your plaque by one of our skilled sign writing team using a commercial grade vinyl, similar to that used on street signs to ensure your plaque will stand out and have a long life.

  • Safer and more hardwearing than glass
  • Flame polished edges
  • All fixings and fittings included with the plaque.
  • Any standard size from$49.99

When you select Glass Effect on the designer tool you will find a range with over 25 different shapes to give you a huge selection of choices to see how your sign will look.

Once selected you can get to the design phase where you can adjust the text position, text size and even the size of the plaque itself! If you are not happy just click start again and design a new sign as many times as you like no obligation to purchase!

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Create your own personalized address plaque

Follow the steps on our user friendly designer tool to create your very own personalize address plaque.

Choose from a range of 8 quality materials, in 25 different shapes and sizes, with at variety of fonts and colors to choose from.

Create a truly unique and personal address plaque for the great price of $49.99

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